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Technical Support

CandidateCare™ is mobile optimized and compatible in up-to-date Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE11 or above browsers. Most issues are resolved if you try an alternate browser.

Still having trouble? You may contact Tech Support at the email and phone number listed below. Please provide as much information about what you are experiencing, including:

  • The full URL (web address) of the page on which you are experiencing the problem,
  • Which internet browser and version you are using,
  • What device you are using (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) and
  • Whether you are receiving an error message and what that error message says, if applicable (please copy and paste the error message and/or include a screenshot of the message).

Please be sure to try different browsers and devices before contacting Tech Support. Note whether you are experiencing the same issues every time you access the website, or just certain times. This information will be helpful in diagnosing the problem you are experiencing.


Contact Tech Support: or 1-866-342-4280


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